Who is JDC Support?

JDC Support is a private Not-for-Profit family-run business of 7 years whose mission is to support one young man to achieve a great life with purposeful and meaningful activities for him to learn and grow.

JDC Support, which is commonly known in the community as 'Team Jake' is a collaboration between paid and unpaid individuals from diverse backgrounds who share a vision for disability inclusion and human rights. We share the vision that all people with a disability can achieve a fully functional meaningful life if supported in an environment conducive to kindness, honesty and sincerity.

The full team include family, friends, medical and allied health professionals, consultants, behaviour support practitioners, and disability support workers.

Team Jake offer a friendly well supported work environment where everyone has a voice and that voice is respected and valued for their input into Jake’s life. The safety of all staff and Jake is paramount for success.


Jake has 3 microbusinesses that keep him very busy during his week.

Microbusiness 1: Bags to the Rescue
Jakes primary microbusiness is collecting unwanted linen, towels, sheets and blankets for donation to the many local animal rescue and wildlife centres on behalf of the various communities who support him in his desire to be part of animal’s lives.

Microbusiness 2: Rags for Tradies
We have a regular weekly reliable source of towels which are solely dedicated to Rags for Tradies.

These towels are cut up and bagged by Jake and his Team and are available as hand wipers known as ‘rags for tradies’ – Each bag sells for $5 per bag, they are a real hit with mechanics, plumbers and other local tradies or just great to have a bag at home for those odd cleaning jobs they are clean and a good use of recycled towelling.

Microbusiness 3: Dog buscuits
Jake has been baking sumptuous dog biscuits – freshly baked from Jakes home he provides a bag of biscuits for $3.00 per bag packed in a hand designed bag and labelled with the cooked date. Please email us on: teamjake@jdcsupport.com.au if you would like to place an order, freshly baked, delivered within 24 hours of order

What is a Great life?

A great life consists of ‘great’ support staff to help achieve the goals, dreams and aspirations of Jake. Jake’s staff are his ‘mentors’ ‘his guides’ ‘his everyday connections to the community’.

Community inclusion and connectedness is where life happens, we work hard to ensure Jake has a well-balanced life in the community where he can experience many aspects of day to day life while being included and respected.

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